World Wrestling Kings Federation (WWKF) Orignally the WWK, is a wrestling e fed based on brutality
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 Killing Spree Is looking up

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Alyssa Ruins.
Alyssa Ruins.

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PostSubject: Killing Spree Is looking up   Killing Spree Is looking up Icon_minitimeFri Oct 12, 2007 5:28 pm

An Interview with Killer
Killing Spree Is looking up 00000000000000kokgn1
WWKF : Killer thank you for being with us tonight.
Killer : I would love it if you guys would just ask me questions , I leave and we call it a day.
WWKF : What are your thoughts about Kennedy vs Latin , WWKF Title on the line?
Killer - Snake basically ruined the whole thing , whats the point of having a title match if KODX might end up getting the title anyway? But I see it as this , Kennedy is a cocky irrogant superstar , I see DXLatin making a mistake and Kennedy capatalizes for the Main Event title. I also see KODX losing the bet. Latin gaining the Heavyweight and Kennedy getting the Main Event.
WWKF : You said you have big news at Slim Survivals along with KODX?
Killer - Yes.. Thats correct. At Slim Survivals Killing Spree will have another member , and when we get this member trust me... The Groove Street Brothers will be destroyed. Because I killed the GSF and Im gonna finish it off , its gonna be a numbers game and GSB wont handle the numbers on them.
WWKF : Thanks Killer.
Killer - Yea.

Owner of the WWKF
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Killing Spree Is looking up
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