World Wrestling Kings Federation (WWKF) Orignally the WWK, is a wrestling e fed based on brutality
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Alyssa Ruins.
Alyssa Ruins.

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PostSubject: TEWF   TEWF Icon_minitimeMon Oct 15, 2007 2:06 pm

TEWF Tewfte2
As many WWKF Superstars know the TEWF. It has died recently. The Members have left Steve Norman dry. WWKF Superstars have always been apart of TEWF Such as former WWKF Main Event Champion DXLatin he is a 1x TEWF European , 1x TEWF Extreme Hardcore , and 1X TEWF Tag Team Champion. KingOfDX & Master Of Disaster have also been apart of TEWF and even BBK.

All Roster of TEWF has moved to another Wrestling Company the FCW. If any of you wish to visit... http://fcwrestling.forumotion.com/index.htm

FCW is owned by the Joe Wrestling Inc. It is run by Joe Santiago and Drake Daniels.

WWKF would like to wich Steve Norman luck in his ass kissing to get TEWF Superstars back.

Owner of the WWKF
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