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 One Night. 2 Winners(D-X). One man left standing(DXLatin)

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One Night. 2 Winners(D-X). One man left standing(DXLatin) Empty
PostSubject: One Night. 2 Winners(D-X). One man left standing(DXLatin)   One Night. 2 Winners(D-X). One man left standing(DXLatin) Icon_minitimeThu Nov 08, 2007 3:30 pm

Scene Opens
Run Dmc hits the stage as the crowd goes on their feet and make an X with their green glow sticks , some fans do the crotch chops and cheer they chant "D-X" as they wait for them to come out.
DXLatin walks down the ramp with his D-X attire , he does 4 crotch chops and fireworks come from the titantron , he then does the X sign with his arms and slides into the ring and grabs a microphone.
Well Well Well. Ladies and Gentlemen boys and Girls , the Official Reuniting of D-X starts in 2 days. Saturday Night Slim Survivals! , me and my partner who you call can notice is not with me , will face the Company Destoryer Drake Daniels along with self proclaimed "best" Master Of Disaster.
Crowd Cheers
You see. If me and KingOfDX win... a Hell In A Cell comes down and we fight to see who faces Mistress Of Dicks for the Heavyweight Championship. Im siriously confident. Drake Daniels ran the JWF and killed it , he ran TEWF and killed it , he than ran FCW and killed it , I hope Alyssa doesn't appoint the guy Gm or Boss because its ovious he'll kill it. M.O.D had a great night at Halloween Havoc. He defeated me and I am now 28-1 in a Parking Lot Brawl. But after I defeated Drake , M.O.D and KODX I will become Heavyweight Champion.
You see KODX , will be the only night I get to face you , and maybe K.O.K. I will make sure Team D-X defeats Drake and M.O.D I will also make sure you dont defeat me. KODX it will be just like the Last Man Standing Match you will make a mistake and I will capitilize , it will be just like the 2 Parking Lot Brawl matches you will be a bloody mess , and it'll be like you asking all those divas to be your manager last year and getting rejected... just priceless!.
And KODX since I am the Leader of Team D-X I would like to introcude Team D-X's newest member and my newest manager...
Amy Lindasy.!
Amy walks down the ramo with a smile to Latin , she slides into the ring and hugs him she sits down on the turnbuckle and does the X sign with her arms.
She will be there watching Team D-X kick sirious ass on M.O.D and on Drake and most importantly she will whitness the Rise and Fall of DXLatin , I will rise up again and she will see that when I defeat KODX and become #1 Contender.
Amy Lindsay
Yea If I could just say somthing to KODX. Your girlfriend is backstage shes apperntly lost , I was gonna bring her out here to intrduce her to the Leader of Team D-X but a WWKF Staff member told her not to because she would break the cameras and lose WWKF Broadcast signals.
Hahahaha. True , very True. KODX I hope we stay very good friends after I defeat you , I also hope Team D-X doesn't breakup after our match , because I surly want it to stay strong and I think the fans down want Team D-X to brakeup , so KODX this match , all jokes aside , is a friendly one , I know we will win thats why I am taling about the Hell In A Cell. M.O.D took my Specialty Match and now I take yours. And KODX You can bank on that. And if your not down with that.....SUCK IT.
Scene Fades
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One Night. 2 Winners(D-X). One man left standing(DXLatin)
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